VIDEO: Dell Inspiron 24″ 5000 Series Unboxing, Disassembly, Setup & Benchmarking

In these two videos below we unbox, disassemble, change the hard drive, setup and benchmark the Dell Inspiron 24″ 5000 Series (5477 to be specific) All in One Desktop PC. This Dell benchmarked at a huge score of 1589 on Novabench.  It is very powerful, quiet and has exceptional build quality. VIDEO 1: Unbox, Disassemble, Change Spinning Disk to SSD Dell Inspiron 24″ 5000 VIDEO 2: Unbox, Setup & Benchmark Dell Inspiron 24″ 5000

Performance Improvements Between Old and New Netbooks (as Compared to a Standard PC)

Intel recently released the new NM10 chipset which enables the newest Atom CPU’s, the dual core + dual hyperthread N550, which support 64 bit Windows.   I already own an LG x110 with a very nice Atom 270 (roughly the same performance as the Atom 450) and I wanted to know the performance improvements between the old and the new netbooks.  Sooo, I downloaded ‘s free and easy benchmark software and this is what I…