Business Productivity Online (BPOS) should VERY easily connect to your Windows Mobile 7 phone… but it doesn’t.  It does take some configuration:

  1. On the Start page, flick left to the Applications list
  2. Press Settings & then press Email & accounts
  3. Press Add an account and select Outlook
  4. Enter your email address and your password then press Sign In
    1. This will fail… don’t worry about it, just click Sign In again
    2. This will fail again, but it will bring up the Retry and Advanced buttons
  5. Click Advanced
  6. RETYPE your account name using the full address INCLUDING your domain (i.e.
    1. if you don’t include your domain in the account field, the Sign In button will remain greyed out
  7. Do NOT enter anything in the Domain field
    1. if you don’t believe me, just click the ? beside that field and read the last line in the help
  8. Enter your regions server address in the Server field:
    1. Do NOT enter the https:// before the address

… and your done, click sign in and wait a minute for it to complete syncing.

Note that these instructions are different from many other sites and I can only assume that is because Mango changed.  What I can say, is that this works.


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