As soon as you click (right or left) on a rooms calendar that is in your Outlook but removed from Exchange some time previous,  you may receive the error:

“The connection to Microsoft Exchange is Unavailable.  Outlook must be online or connected to complete this action”.

Outlook is online but, again, the room has been removed Exchange 2007 some time previous.

ANSWER: Right click on any other calendar first and you will see the expected full list of options, including DELETE ROOM.  Then right clicked on the room in question, and bingo, the full list of options appeared, including DELETE, which will function.

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Vinod · February 28, 2012 at 7:27 pm

The fact you don’t like Exchange bscuaee It’s Microsoft doesn’t fly in the real world, certainly a world where you need to communicate with 90% plus of Microsoft applications installed on your client machines. My point behind saying that is that MS makes mediocre software. People buy MS software not bscuaee it is the best product or one that provides the most value, rather business decisions are made by business men who think, naively that all MS stuff works together, therefore it is the easiest and the best option.I think us admins can all agree that this is flat out wrong, and the wrong way to acquire/implement technical solutions for businesses.This is how MS has managed to get such a large install base for Exchange, through their blitzkrieg marketing that makes people believe they are getting a better product, which in fact they are not!For example Lotus Notes/Domino is a far superior platform, and the features you talk about with regard to Exchange having an edge over Zimbra with have existed for more than a decade to which Exchange is just starting to get a hold of.It speaks volumes that Zimbra gets these features, be it in beta, in a fraction of the time that it has taken MS to get on with it. Again mediocre software, for mediocre minds who made the decisions to use it.There are however some shining MS examples. Outlook is one of them. Dear god that is a great interface, but an average application. Same with Word. If Lotus Notes had a nicer interface, you can bet the farm that Outlook/Exchange would be bringing up the rear. Eye candy, but it rots your teeth and picks your pocket.Visio rules. Great app. Funny MS didn’t make that did they. Here’s a little challenge for us admins. Find an MS product that exists, that is far and away superior(technically) to another application in the same class, and is cheaper. I cannot think of one to be honest.The point is MS never leads. It follows, but the wake it creates make it looks like it is leading.They are the proverbial 600lb gorilla and you cannot ignore them nor get away from using some of their products. I accept that and always will, but I can see the men behind the curtain and am willing to look at other options and that is all I am talking about here. Trust me, I LOVED Win2K. I have XP but it has grown on me. Vista is a nightmare. 95 was cool. 98 was still cool.So next time you’re in a meeting about a new possible software package that management wants to shove down your throat that happens to be Microsoft or relies heavily on MS, ask them why and look for alternatives. Next time you’re around the CIO/CTO ask them why do we use exchange?’ And explain that there are alternatives that are more secure, more scalable, and quite frankly cheaper. The homogeneous environment exposes you to too many potential problems bscuaee it is duh, duh, da, duh Microsoft and they way they hook all their apps together and tie them to the OS’. Too much potential for problems for my liking and yet I am in predominantly an MS shop, yet have no problems bscuaee I am aware of the potential problems and am proactive about them. The problem is that too many of us admins and CT/IO’s are too scared to be bold when picking MS is the safe play. It is the layup on the 18th hole at Augusta when if you take a shot at the hole you can do better. Too many people fear the migration, the headaches, the unknown. Don’t be afraid, embrace it bscuaee there are other options that can make you the superstar.

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