SOLVED: How to Bulk Import Contacts into Exchange 2007 2010 2012

I recently needed to add 50 new contacts into my Exchange 2007 server and had no intention of completing this task by manually. I am not the greatest PowerShell guy but I knew this would be easy… and it was.

Create a file named C:\CONTACTS.CSV file like following

Tom Test,tomtest,,ttest,CEO,TGS,Surveys
John Rotten,JohnRotten,,ttest,Chief Financial Officer, TGS,Corporate

Launch EXCHANGE POWER SHELL and use the following command:

import-csv c:\contacts.csv | foreach { new-mailcontact -alias $_.Alias -name $_.displayName -ExternalEmailAddress $_.eMailAddress -OrganizationalUnit “arcis1.local/Arcis Exchange Resources/TGS-Contacts” }

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