We offer completely free 30 day trials (truly no strings attached) for these services to anyone who asks:

  1. For the $4 Exchange email or the $2 per month Web Mail only, please contact us directly to send you an invitation.
  2. For the $6 Exchange email and Lync (instant messaging, video conferencing and presence) click HERE .
  3. For the Full $24 Suite click HERE.

In case you are not aware, below are the basics of Office 365

  1. Minimum 5 seats
  2. Billing is handled 100% by Microsoft nearly always on a credit card
  3. Our fee’s comes straight from Microsoft and do NOT affect end user pricing at all (other than labour cost to handle the planning and migration which we bill directly)
  4. The key to the cost effectiveness is the massive reduction of IT costs.  Because Microsoft is hosting the services they are VERY reliable and have eliminated, server costs, server setup/maintenance costs, upgrade costs, backup costs,…
  5. If you select a package with Office 2010 (soon 2013) you receive a FULL local install and then free 24 hour support from Microsoft.
  6. Seats for just Hosted Exchange email begin at $4 per month per user and include:
    1. 25GB of storage
    2. Unlimited domains
    3. Unlimited email alias’
    4. Full Outlook Web Access
    5. Microsoft FrontBridge AntiSpam and AntiVirus (hosted on-line)
    6. Full cell phone support including Blackberry Enterprise
    7. 24 hour English, North American phone support, with waits of < 10 minutes to access knowledgeable techs
    8. VERY easy to use web administration
  7. There is an even less expensive “Kiosk” seat at just $2 per month that gets you only Outlook Web Access (cannot be used with Outlook) and 1GB of mail, but this is typically used by field workers after “the office” has their $4/month accounts up and running
  8. There is a $24 per month per seat option that includes:
    1. the full email client as spec’d above
    2. FIVE copies of the current version of Office Pro+ (Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, OneNote, Publisher, Lync Client) PER seat and those extra copies are expected to be used on home PC’s, tablets…
    3. Microsoft Lync which is corporate Chat, Video Conferencing and Presence
    4. Hosted Sharepoint for project management
    5. Active Directory Account Synchronization
  9. There are several packages between the $4 and $24 options: see: microsoft.com/en-ca/office365/compare-plans.aspx




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