SOLVED: How to Use SKYDRIVE to SYNC With Desktop Folders Like My Documents as Mesh Used To

If you are like me and you used to Microsoft Mesh for SkyDrive, you were likely frustrated when Microsoft anounced they were scrapping Mesh all together.  I had head I could use a SkyDrive App to sync files to SkyDrive, just like I did with Mesh but I could not figure out how.  Today I found out why I was stuck.

It turns out that when Microsoft says to use the SkyDrive App, they are NOT speaking of the SkyDrive App for Windows 8 (which I spent quite some time on), they are speaking of the SkyDrive DESKTOP App, which really isn’t an app at all, it is an expansion to the Windows GUI.

Sooo, if you want to sync your desktops Documents to SkyDrive:

  1. Click HERE to download the SkyDrive DESKTOP APP or HERE if you also want a little more explanation or Windows Essentials 2012 suite of applications
  2. Install the SkyDrive app
  3. Add your existing SKYDRIVE into your My DOCUMENTS by:
    1. Openning COMPUTER
    2. Right click on the SKYDRIVE icon
      1. Notice that SKYDRIVE now shows up under your DOCUMENTS LIBRARY
  4. Move any of your local files into the SkyDrive folder under your DOCUMENTS

Ok so this isn’t the same as Mesh, but it is similar.  Microsoft really needs to get to a RIGHT CLICK ON FOLDER and SELECT SYNC WITH SKYDRIVE option but that isn’t possible in January 2013.

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