SOLVED: What is the Maximum Number of Files In a Windows Folder

Assuming you are asking about NTFS formatted Windows Disk the answers are below

  • Maximum disk size: 256 terabytes
  • Maximum file size: 256 terabytes
  • Maximum number of files on disk: 4,294,967,295
  • Maximum number of files in a single folder: 4,294,967,295

If you are using a FAT32 formatted disk (as most memory sticks are these days) the limits are:

  • Maximum disk size:  2 TB
  • Maximum file size:  4 GB
  • Maximum number of files on disk:  268,435,437

Keep in mind that Windows Explorer will have performance issues past a few thousand files.  It may take a minute or more to open a folder with (say) 50, 000 files.

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