SOLVED: What is RETAIL DEMO OFFLINE CONTENT and How Do I Turn It On or Delete It

If you have a Windows 10 PC, you have about 80MB worth of useless content called RETAILDEMO OFFLINE CONTENT.  As you might expect this content is the demo that is used in retail stores to show off Windows 10 to potential consumers.


WARNING: If you enable RETAILDEMO OFFLINE CONTENT the personal files will be wiped from the machine FOR THE CURRENT USER.  If you want to run the demo create a new user with Admin rights, which will have all of their personal files deleted.  On principle I would make sure you back up your data from all of the profiles on the PC in case something goes wrong.

  1. click the START button
  2. type SETTINGS
  3. click SETTINGShow-to-start-windws-10-retail-demo
  4. click the UPDATE AND SECURITY icon
  5. click ACTIVATION in the menu
  6. click on the word WINDOWS five times, quickly
  7. click the CHANGE button on the CHANGE TO RETAIL DEMO popup
  8. do not enter any codes in the RAC or SKU fields and click FINISH
  9. Wait a few minutes for the computer to reboot and then the machine will be in Demo Mode

To stop people from going to stores and disabling the demo, a code is required to disable Retail Demo Mode which Microsoft has not make public.  In August 2015 you can try the code trs10 , but Microsoft may (likely?) will change it in the future so don’t bet on it.


See our most excellent and simple post on how to remove WINDOWS.OLD and other (likely) useless files from your Windows 1o PC.


If you want to see the Retail Demo video loop, click below

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