Microsoft Surfacebook Quick Review with Pictures

I received my first Microsoft Surfacebook shipment today and found a number of interesting items:

  1. It was faster than I expected, I expected it to be fast.  I sourced the Intel I5 with 240GB SSD version.
  2. The stylus / pen has pressure sensitive output in most software.  In apps like FreshPaint this is useful.
  3. The backlit keyboard is makes it very hard to see the letters during the day.  It is better to have the back lights turned off.  In the pictures below, take a look at the keys to the right of the “M”… very hard to see.
  4. The Surfacebook DOES have the 3D and infrared camera that is required to support Windows Hello, Microsoft’s facial recognition software.  However, you have not verified your account on the hardware, FACIAL RECOGNITION does not appear.
  5. There is a MECHANICAL connection between the keyboard and the screen.  You have to press a button to ‘eject’ the screen and turn the unit into a tablet.  In other words, you cannot just pull the screen to detatch it from the keyboard
  6. The keyboard DOES have a second battery.  This second battery gives the unit some useful heft so it does not feel like an ‘tippy’ Asus Transformer
  7. The Surfacebook Dock (NOT included with the Surfacebook) is exceptionally heavy but now has two DisplayPort outputs.  For the money it should have more… of everything.


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