SOLVED: Server Manager 2012 : Configuration refresh failed with the following error: Invalid class

Server-Manager-2012-Configuration-refresh-failed-with-the-following-error-Invalid-classIf your various Microsoft consoles are failing to function you might need to reregister some files.  In my case I found that FILE SERVER RESOURCE MANAGER MMC would load but say it could not connect. another person found that their FAILOVER CLUSTER MANAGER MMC had errors AND I found that the SERVER MANAGER DASHBOARD had a red flag indicating the REFRESH FAILED.  When I clicked MORE I saw the image to the right:

There are two solution I have found to these errors:

1 – Refresh .MOFs:

  1. Launch a CMD PROMPT (ADMIN)  – make sure it is as an Admin
  2. type cd C:\Windows\System32\wbem\AutoRecover
  3. type for /f %s in (‘dir /b *.mof *.mfl’) do mofcomp %s’
  4. Launch your SERVER MANAGER and let it take the minute or two it needs to start up.

I found information on this fix HERE and HERE.

2 – Remove Old/Dead Machines From Server Manager:

  1. server-manager-automatic-refresh-refresh-failed-fixLaunch SERVER MANAGER
  3. Right Click on any old or dead servers and select REMOVE.

That’s it!


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    Gabriel Morales May 5, 2020 at 12:59 pm

    Esta otra solución me funciono: Nos vamos al regedit:


    Renombramos la carpeta: ServerComponentCahe-bak.

    Reiniciamos y Listo.

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