SOLVED: WSUS Reset Server Node

If you repeatedly see RESET SERVER NODE in your Windows Server Update Servers (WSUS) console we have found three things that resolve it:

decline-x86-arm-wsusReduce The Number Of Approved Updates

This should not be a problem, but I have seen it be a problem repeatedly.  You should reduce the number of updates by DECLINING large numbers of updates, for instance:

  1. If you have no ARM CPU based products, search for ARM then select all of the results, right click and DECLINE them
  2. If you have no 32bit based products, search for “x86-based” right click and DECLINE them
  3. Search for patches old version of Windows (Windows XP), right click and DECLINE them
    • Be careful with this one not to decline patches that apply to multiple versions of Windows that one of those is one you are using
  4. Search for FEATURE UPDATES (Windows 10 build changes) that no longer apply and DECLINE them

Server Cleanup Wizard

In UPDATE SERVICES console, expand OPTIONS then click SERVER CLEAN UP WIZARD and let it clean up all the junk

Run WSUS SQL Clean Up Scripts

If your WSUS is a real mess, use the clean up scripts we explain HERE.

Run WSUS Repair Utility

Open a PowerShell as an Admin and run wuauclt /detectnow

Check the WSUS Application Pool in IIS

See our short explanation of how to fix WSUSPool in IIS Stops Repeatedly



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