dism-guiOver the years we have produced many instructions on how to add files or add drivers to a .WIM image file, but they are all outdated because they are command line.  There is now a free GUI front end for DISM made by Mike Celone.

To get DISM GUI to work you need two things:

  1. .NET 4.0 which can get from Microsoft HERE in unlikely event you don’t have it already
  2. Microsoft Deployment Toolkit (MDT) that includes DISM which you can download directly from Microsoft HERE if you don’t have it already


You can download DISM GUI version 4.0 from us HERE (December 2017), or you can see if the author has a newer build DISM GUI HERE.

It is very straight forward to use but if you if you are unsure about a particular check box, just leave it at the default.

When you click the DISMOUNT WIM button, you will receive a COMMIT? prompt.  If you are confident you have not killed the image, click YES.  If you just want to back out without making any changes, click NO.


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