This presentation titled, “A Guide to Practical Cyber Security in 2019” was given to a parents association at middle school in Calgary.

It has some teen discussion but as stated in the video, Cyber Security is now everyone’s problem and so the course is intended primarily for adults.

The DON’Ts of Cyber Security

  1. Do not use real details on social media or any place you don’t need to
  2. Don’t take surveys online or on the phone
  3. Shut Up – If you don’t want your worse enemy to know something, don’t post it
  4. Type in Links – Do Not Click – Mouse over links and then type the in if you still think it might be real
  5. Do not believe calls from banks, tech companies, the Government or police – call or visit them

The DO’s of Cyber Security

  1. Educate your kids about cyber risks and cheating
  2. Backup your data outside of your house
  3. Patch everything from your Cell to your Nest Thermostat
  4. Get a free AV or Malware checker for your cell
  5. Don’t install products from anywhere but the official apps store
  6. Use password tiering
  7. Get Two Factor Authentication whenever possible
  8. Be proactive and perform random checks
    1. Use a web-based antivirus like TrendMicro’s free HouseCall to do a scan
    2. Get a free credit report from Equifax (1-800-465-7166) or TransUnion
    3. Use the Marriott system to check the dark web to see if you have been hacked:

What To Do If You Are Hacked:

  1. Don’t be embarrassed, be angry and act quickly
  2. Notify your banks, family, employer and police
  3. Do not pay ransom unless you have no other choice

You can download the Cyber Security presentation handout HERE and the entire presentation in PPTX format HERE.

All that we ask is that you give credit for using this content and that you do not post it on any other sites.


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