There’s nothing more satisfying than achieving your goals. Every IT professional dreams of rising through the ranks and attaining the topmost Microsoft certification in the long run. However, obtaining the highly covetable MCSA and MSCE certifications is never a walk in the park. But as tough as the journey might get, the prospect of enjoying the potential benefits of these certifications in the future should keep you going.

This article outlines the key aspects of MCSA: SQL Server 2012/2014 certification and one of the tests required to attain it – 70-463: Implementing a Data Warehouse with Microsoft SQL Server 2012 (the other two tests in this path are 70-461 and 70-462).

Microsift MCSA SQL 2012 2014 badgeMCSA: SQL Server 2012/2014 Certification

This associate-level credential will be a significant achievement for any specialist who wants to work with a SQL Server. If you aim for position of a database analyst or database developer and possess the skills to maintain and develop mission-critical environments, then this certification is for you. MCSA: SQL Server 2012/2014 certification serves as a prior requirement for advanced MCSE: Data Management and Analytics credential.

Now, let’s consider the details of 70-463 exam.


Microsoft 70-463 exam is ideal for data warehouse and ETL developers who create Business Intelligence (BI) solutions. Such individuals are engaged in a wide range of tasks that include data warehouse implementation, cleansing data, and Extract Transform Load (ETL) implementation ExamSnap.


In an attempt to make exam preparation easier for all candidates, Microsoft saw it necessary to divide this exam into different sections with each area having a specific contribution to the actual test. With that said, this exam tests up to five topics with each area focusing on specific skills related to the administration of the Microsoft SQL Server 2012/2014.

These topics include design and implement a data warehouse (10-15%), extract and transform data (20-25%), load data (25-30%), configure and deploy SSIS solutions (20-25%), and build data quality solutions (15-20%). So, here is what every section of this exam covers in detail.

Extract and Transform Data

This section demands knowledge of various aspects of the SQL server such as defining connection managers, implementing data flow, operating SSIS package execution as well as implementing script tasks in SSIS.

Load Data

This section validates your skills to design and implement control flow, implement script components in SSIS, implement data load options, and implement package logic.

Build Data Quality Solutions

The third section in Microsoft 70-463 exam is meant to authenticate your skills and expertise to create a data quality project for cleaning data. It also tests your ability to implement master data management solutions in addition to installing and maintaining data quality services.

Configure and Deploy SSIS Solutions

This section assumes that you are capable of deploying SSIS solutions as well as installing and maintaining its components. Besides, it also tests your knowledge of configuring SSIS security settings and troubleshooting data integrating issues.

Exam Preparation Tips

Having looked at the exam content, it is important to know some of the preparation options you have for this exam. Good exam preparation entails the usage of more than one resource. Even though Microsoft boasts a wide range of invaluable study materials to aid your exam training, focusing on one or two materials alone scuppers your chances of registering a good score at the first attempt.

It is advisable to use more than one material for your preparation needs in order to increase your chances of excelling in this exam. For instance, combining books with online tests is a viable option since both materials play different roles in your exam preparation.

Books are known to provide wide coverage of the exam topics which is ideal for a better understanding of the concepts. The online tests, on the other hand, offer various exam question formats to help boost your confidence in the long run. Check out the Microsoft official website and you will be amazed at the variety of useful study resources they provide for your 70-463 exam preparation.

The instructor-led training is ideal if you are looking for valuable exam tips from certified IT professionals with extensive knowledge of 70-463 exam topics. This platform is probably one of the most conducive learning environments you can ever get. The core course you need to focus on when preparing for 70-463 exam is the 20463C: Implementing a Data Warehouse with a Microsoft SQL Server.

Apart from the instructor-led training, Microsoft also provides other training options such as the official practice test for exam 70-463, self-paced training, books, and the Microsoft community.

The range of Microsoft training materials is wide so you are advised to focus only on what suits you best. Remember that using all the methods simultaneously to prepare for your certification exam can lower your productivity and ultimate success in the long run.

Top Web Sources for 70-463 Exam Preparation

Using the revision materials from the Microsoft official website is pretty cool. But combining such resources with the training options from other top websites would bring even better results. Free exam lectures, exam dumps, and study guides are other reliable methods of preparing for your exam. Here’s what each of these materials brings:

Free Exam Questions

Past exam takers have expressed their delight at how free exam questions from reliable websites such as PrepAway helped them in their certification journey. These questions confirm your knowledge of the exam topics and also highlight your key areas of weakness to make you even better. You could be the next success story if you consider this brilliant training method for your 70-463 exam preparation.

Exam Registration and Retake Policy

Feel free to register for 70-463 exam anytime on the Microsoft official website. The fee is only $165. But even though failing this exam is not a disaster, passing should be your priority. Failing this exam comes with more serious consequences than you anticipated.

Microsoft agrees that you can retake your exam if you fail, but you will have to wait for up to 14 days following your first attempt. The worst part of it is that every retake means fresh payment so you can imagine how much you will be spending on these exams if you fail to meet the threshold requirement.

Final Thoughts

So, that’s what you need to know about Microsoft MCSA SQL 70-463 braindumps. This test can greatly improve your career prospects in the long run. It’s interesting to see that many people dream of succeeding in their careers but only a handful are ready to put in the much-needed effort. Don’t fall into the first category that believes success comes without sacrifice. Take the initiative to propel your IT career to a whole new level by enrolling for MCSA exams and take a step toward the most sought-after MCSE certification.


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