If you are new to Microsoft Azure and want a crash course, we have what you are looking for.  Azure is a giant product from Microsoft that can be used for storing files, databases, security configurations and virtual machines.  So to get you started we created a free 6 part video with a total run time of 50 minutes that demonstrates all of the steps required to set up a Windows Server 2019 Domain Controller, Windows 10 Virtual Machine, Azure Bastion, DHCP, DNS, Resizing, Data Center selection and much more in the Microsoft Azure cloud.

By the time you are done this course you will have a solid understanding of the key concepts and navigation strategies for Azure.

Azure Boot Camp Prerequisites:

We don’t expect you know much.  All you need is a basic familiarity with Windows operating systems and to not be afraid of the cloud.  The more you understand about how domains and active directory work, the better, but you can get through this course with it.

Azure Boot Camp Segment 1
– Create Account & Sign into Azure   [2 mins]

Azure Boot Camp Segment 2
– Install Windows Server 2019 & Upgrade it to a Domain Controller   [13mins]

Azure Boot Camp Segment 3
– Setup Bastion & Tighten Firewall   [9 mins]

Azure Boot Camp Segment 4
– Setup DNS, DHCP & Static IPs   [7 mins]

Azure Boot Camp Segment 5
– Install Windows 10 & Upgrade It   [14 mins]

Azure Boot Camp Segment 6
– Azure Resizing Autoshutdown Boot   [6 mins]


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