As cellphones, tablets are not only stylish gadgets, but they are also efficient and useful for numerous tasks. Students are widely opting for tablets instead of laptops for different reasons. First of all, it is a more compact device that you can take with you to a college or wherever you go. Besides, tablets are more budget-friendly, which is a crucial aspect for students who often experience a lack of money.

What Are the Top-5 Picks?

How to select a tablet so that not to be disappointed in the future? We have prepared the list of the top-5 devices recommended for students in 2021. For this, we have analyzed the newest tablets in the market, in particular:

  • their resistance to possible damages;
  • their prices;
  • their compatibility;
  • their power, etc.

laptops stackedWhen you are going to select, you need to determine the main purpose for which you need a tablet. Would you like to be a replacement for a laptop? Will you take it to college to use during classes? Do you want to get it just for fun?

1. Apple iPod Pro

The brand of the first option to consider speaks for itself. By choosing Apple products, users know what they pay for: a fast processor, reliable operation, and display that can withstand even the most unexpected situation. Besides, its stylish design with an edge-to-edge display will not leave anyone indifferent.

On top of that, this tablet is a two-in-one solution because it may become a laptop. Just attach a keyboard, and you can enjoy all the convenience. Besides, the level of protection ensured by the Face ID technology will protect students’ work and other private data. If you have been communicating with Rapidessay specialists concerning ordering a paper, all of your correspondence will be reliably protected.

2. Microsoft Surface Go 2

Another option with the possibility to attach a keyboard. Its peculiar feature is a battery that will serve you all day long without the need to look for a socket and charger. Thus, if you take it with you to college, you won’t miss out on anything important. Thanks to the Windows 10 Home software, this tablet will run smoothly, effectively, and will not let you down.

Surface Go 2 is also a good choice for those who dislike carrying heavy things. It is not only one of the thinnest but also one of the lightest tablets offered on the market nowadays.

3. Lenovo Flex 14

A powerful tablet that can be a 100% replacement to a laptop. It is also a 2-in-1 solution, which is undeniably convenient for students. Taking into account the potential of this device, a lot of young people who require computing software for their studies choose Flex 14 by Lenovo. Thanks to a digital pen and a 14-inch full HD screen, students of more creative specialties can use it. The battery can work up to 10 hours. Therefore, this Lenovo charge will be enough for studies and even entertainment.

4. Lenovo Tab M10 HD

This option can be considered for those who are looking for an additional portable device used along with a laptop. This 10-inch product of Lenovo has got a 2Gb RAM, which is sufficient for the needs of students. All the most popular apps required by young people will run smoothly on Tab M10 HD. Thanks to a battery charge that lasts up to 13 hours, it is a great portable option to take with you.

5. Apple iPad 10.2

If you are searching for a combination of power for a more cost-friendly price tag, it is an option to consider. Apple Pencil and Smart Keyboard can transform this powerful tablet into a laptop to fulfill more functions than laptops from other brands for the same money. Its retina display is comfortable for the eyes, while the metallic body adds protection to the device.

Consider the above options and pick the one that suits your needs, expectations, and budget.


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