If you want to tighten up the security on your Office 365 access, the easiest and cheapest way to do it is by requiring two factor authentication (2FA) using the Microsoft Authenticator App. Microsoft multifactor authentication requires users to enter a username and password along with confirming their identity using an app on their cell phone or tablet.

We explain what is multifactor authentication (MFA), what is two factor authentication (2FA)?

The video provides Office 365 MFA setup step by step:

This works on PC’s Apple Mac’s and the Microsoft Authenticator runs on Android and iOS devices like the Samsung S20 and the iPhone.

There are other multifactor applications you can use and we also like the Google Authenticator, but Microsoft will support the Microsoft Authenticator App with your Office 365 subscription. Both the Google Authenticator and Microsoft Authenticator App are free.

Introduction 0:00​
What is Two Factor Authentication (2FA) Multifactor Authentication (MFA) 0:15
Setup 2FA MFA in Office 365 2:13​
Turn on Modern Authentication 2:40​
Enable Multi Factor Authentication in Office 365 3:30​
Choose MFA 2FA Method 5:00​
How To Setup the Microsoft Authenticator App 6:08​
How To Install the Microsoft Authenticator App 6:17​
Configure the Microsoft Authenticator App 6:42​
Set 2FA MFA Globally for All Users 8:27​
Enable New Microsoft Security Defaults for Office 365 & Azure 9:20​
Real Life Demonstration of Microsoft Authenticator MFA / 2FA in Office 365 9:34​
Using Microsoft Authenticator MFA / 2FA with Outlook, OneDrive, OneNote on the Desktop 11:20​
Fix Outlook is Prompting for Password Over and Over 11:56​
Add EnableADAL Registry Entry 12:12:30
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