Minecraft is one of the most popular and best-selling games of all time. You probably knew that, didn’t you? But did you know that there is an Education Edition of Minecraft? It allows teachers to engage their students in an enjoyable and interactive lesson through the popular game. Using the new and updated resources available to them, teachers can make their own lessons plans and worlds.

Minecraft Education Edition offers a variety of tools which you can use to learn Science, Maths, Coding and Problem-Solving Skills, which makes it different from the original Minecraft. A new approach and a platform for learning with which the kids are already familiar but if you aren’t familiar with Minecraft, grab a cheap account and started with Minecraft first.

minecraft education edition

The Future of Education?

Millions of Kids are already playing this and they get lessons in digital citizenship, and instead of just focusing on the gameplay, they participate in project-based games and learning tutorials. Thanks to Microsoft’s ready-made lessons, teachers and students can easily jump right into the game and get started. The starter kit in Minecraft: Education Edition, which has training scenarios and sample lessons, can help educators get comfortable with the new experience.
Along with the starter kit, there are also modes in Minecraft: Education Edition- Survival Mode, Creative mode and Classroom Mode.

Survival Mode

Survival mode in Minecraft: Education Edition helps the kids learn how to survive in game. In this mode your character needs to learn how to hunt, build structures, forage for food, trade, and avoid monsters and other threats that can be found in the vast world of Minecraft. The goal is to keep your health bar above zero, otherwise the game is over and you will be respawned.

Creative Mode

Creative mode allows the students to create anything they want. It’s like a playground where kids can show their creativity and do educational programs as well. This mode gives them access to every block in the game, the ability to fly and they can’t die.

Classroom Mode

Classroom Mode allows students and teachers to collaborate in the Minecraft world. Teachers can turn on and off different blocks and can also communicate with students via chat. There’s also a code builder with which the students can create codes and then the agent executes that code. Teachers can also download different lesson plans for their students in this mode.

Final thoughts

Although this pandemic is disrupting the educational landscape, kids have whole new worlds where they are able to interact with their teachers and classmates, unbothered by the pandemic. And these worlds, created by students and teachers within this game, may be the future of learning.

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Mark · March 31, 2021 at 9:46 am

Hey thanks! I didn’t know Minecraft had an special education version.

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