Windows 11 checks for many things before allowing installation or upgrades but it allows for five of them to be bypassed:

  • a compatible CPU check
  • a hard drive / storage check making sure you have at least a 64GB drive
  • a RAM check ensuring you have at least 4GB
  • a TPM check which looks for a Trusted Platform Module version 2 physical chip
  • a Secure Boot check that confirms Secure Boot is turned on in your BIOS/UEFI

If you want to turn off any or all of these checks, download the skip Windows 11 Compatibility check registry entries directly from us now.

In the video below, we upgraded a lowly W5 Pro Intel Compute Stick made by Terryza running Windows 10 to Windows 11 by making a change in the registry which tells the Win11 installer to ignore the fact that it has an incompatible CPU.




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