We are all so busy it is easy to not notice new features that will make our lives easier.  Here is a short explanation of just 8 improvements to Microsoft Teams that I think you will find value in:

  1. Teams Co-organizer Meeting Role added.

    “(Co-organizers are) …granted most of the capabilities of the organizer in the meeting, including being able to access & modify the meeting options for the meeting”


  2. Teams now automatically looks up “publicly available” LinkedIn information on peoples profile card.  If your Teams does not do this already, it will start to in the coming weeks
  3. A formal Q&A app is now available in Teams for both meetings and Webinars.  Just click the APPS icon (bottom left) then scroll down for Q&A.

    “(Provides)…event organizers add the ability for attendees to have a focused, structured conversation”

    Add Q and A to Teams.

  4. By the end of December 2021, our corporate version of Teams will connect with personal Teams users (like old Skype)

    “…invite any Teams user to chat using an email address or phone number, and remain within the security and compliance policies of their organization.”


  5. 800 new emoji’s have been added to Teams Chat.  If you don’t see them already, they should show in the next few weeks as the updated version gets rolled out
  6. Teams now lets you can now share a PHYSICAL whiteboard using your camera:
    Content from camera, whiteboard or document
  7. ALL users in a Teams chat can now edit (at the same time) a message with a table, list or action items:
    Live components in Teams chat
  8. The digital whiteboard (available both in and out of Teams) now works on our Android cells, and MS has added a dozen new whiteboard features that will be rolled out to our Windows 10 desktops at the end of this month.  If you want a quick Whiteboard primer watch THIS short video:



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