There are several ways to determine the Dell Service Tag or Serial number of any Dell computer including Proliant or PowerEdge servers:

  1. Look on the invoice
  2. Look in the BIOS – See images below
  3. Look on the Dell Premier Page, if you ordered it through Dell directly
  4. Look on the small plastic tag the slides in and out on the server – See images below
  5. Log into the iDRAC
  6. Use Dell OMSA software
  7. Use this simple PowerShell / command line WMI query to see the service tag number of a Dell server
    • Connect to server in question (i.e. walk over to it, or RDP to it)
    • Open a Command Prompt or a PowerShell window
    • Type wmic bios get serialnumber
    • Press the ENTER key
      Even though is displays SERIAL NUMBER it is actually the Dell Service Tag
dell service tag serial number command line wmi query
dell service tag locate




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