If you are running out of disk space or just don’t want your computer to be full of junk, you may want to delete files from C:\WINDOWS.

If you need to make space on your hard drive, the fastest and least painful way is to delete garbage files.

How to make space on your C:\ Drive and how to make space on your computer in general including Windows 10 and Windows 11. We explain which files and folders can files be deleted from C:\Windows as well as explain things like what is C:\Windows\Prefetch and how to clean up Windows Update.

Introduction 0:00
Delete C:\Windows\Temp 0:11
Delete C:\Windows\MiniDump 0:48
Delete C:\Windows\ random names 0:57
Delete C:\Windows\Offline Webpages 1:04
Delete C:\Windows\Prefetch 1:10
Delete C:\Windows\Software Distribution 1:30
Delete C:\Windows.OLD 2:55
Delete C:\Windows\WinSXS 3:40
How to use DISM to Cleanup Windows 4:07
How to use CompactOS 5:25
How to use STORAGE SENSE to clear garbage files and folders 6:20
Outro 7:04


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