Camtasia is a great screen recorder, pretty good video editor and an excellent example of software crashes. Next to older versions of Adobe Reader, Camtasia crashes more than any program we have ever used. Camtasia can crash when:

  • opening a project
  • adding media
  • editing videos
  • changing clip speed
  • exporting a video

Camtasia crashes are quite annoying and can be quite frequent. Over the years we have found ways to fix these Camtasia crash problems. Some Camtasia problems, we just have to work around because there is no fix.

In this short video we explain how to stop Camtasia from crashing in a myriad of ways that are sure to help you:

Intro 0:00
Stop Camtasia Crashing When Exporting a Video 1:22
Camtasia Crashed When Editing Video 3:40
Fix Camtasia Crashing, General Fixes 6:58
Outro 8:31


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