Intel Evo is the certification Intel provides to high end laptops that meet strict performance requirements.

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Are All Intel Evo Certified Laptops Thin & Light For Executives?

Not any more. Intel Evo used to be an easy for for companies and prosumers to see the best thin and light laptops, but in 2022 Intel added a new Evo standard for Power Users. Mostly people that would use “workstations” in the office, now have the option of H-Series Evo laptops.

Confused, don’t be. Intel used to make server, desktop ,and laptop versions of its CPU’s but today they have further segmented their chips to meet particular demands. “H Series” Intel chips offer the most performance of the mobile CPU line but use a lot of electricity so they have shorter battery life. In contrast U Series chips are the lowest performing Intel mobile CPU’s but use little electricity so they have great battery life. Click HERE for a short list of Intel letters and an explanation of how to decode an Intel CPU name.

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What Are the Intel Evo Specifications?

This is a moving target as the Intel Evo spec gets updated every year or two as new Intel CPU’s are released.

intel evo specification highlights 11th gen vs 12th gen

For 2022 and 2023 Intel Evo specifications are:

  • Wake up in less than 1 second
  • 19mm or less thickness
  • 9 hours of battery life minimum
  • 30 minutes of charging provides 4 hours of battery life minimum
  • Biometric camera and / or fingerprint scanner for fast login
  • Wifi 6E for Gigabit transfer rates
  • Premium microphones and speakers
  • High end displays with high contrast ratios (i.e. so black is black!)
  • Thunderbolt 4 USB connection for an amazing 40Gb/second transfers, adding external monitors and really fast charging all one one cable
intel evo specification highlights

Today there are more than 30 laptops on the market from virtually every major computer manufacturer that have an Evo sticker.

Are Some Peripherals Evo Certified?

Yes there are Evo certified peripherals that carry the “Engineered for Intel Evo” branding and all of those work through the Evo laptops Thunderbolt 4 USB port today. However, some high end Bluetooth connected devices will carry the Engineered for Intel Evo certification branding in the coming months.

You can use Engineered for Intel Evo devices on non-Evo certified laptops and you can use non-Engineered for Intel Evo devices on Intel Evo certified laptops.

Engineered for Intel Evo peripherals


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