We all know that GamStop has been available for a few years and it has massive popularity among gamblers from the United Kingdom. Here we will discuss more detailed facts and specifics related to the connection between the platform and operators. Yes, the platform is very effective and it has been used by countless players. But, here is how all of this works.

Basic Facts Regarding GamStop

The first thing you need to know is that GamStop works in the United Kingdom only. It is part of UKGC so it doesn’t work on other platforms or in other countries. So for UK players, there are still some no GamStop casino operators that do not work with the aforementioned self-exclusion program so players can use them without any local restrictions. It is a free system as well and this is one of many reasons why it is so popular. The goal of the platform is to help players who have gambling addictions by distancing them from online gambling sites. It works well.

The first thing you will have to do is to create an account at GamStop. There you will have to provide all the personal information the platform asks you. These include your full name, email address, address, and more. Keep in mind that your data must be accurate and you must use your personal information only. Once you are done, choose how long you want this ban to last. It can last 6 months, 1 or even 5 years. It is up to you.

how gamstop works

Once you have selected the duration, you are done. All the sites that have a UKGC or other independent betting regulator will ban your account and you cannot create a new one. All of this may sound complicated on your end but it is not. The whole process is simple and you can see how easy it is for the casino to start accepting GamStop. This is one of the important features. The goal is to adopt GamStop to the casino as soon as possible.

It is mandatory to know one thing. Once the self-exclusion ends, you cannot continue gambling immediately after. You will have to call the support behind GamStop and ask them to remove the ban. Then, you will need to wait one day before the ban is finally removed. This means that you can gamble one day after the self-exclusion has expired. It is a safety feature and one that players actually prefer. Some players will refuse to remove the ban or they will prolong it. This is up to you and there is no need to add the obvious. You can prolong using GamStop as many times as you like.

API Integration

Here is how a casino can start using GamStop. They will need API from the official GamStop site. Once they have it, they will integrate it into the website. This is something that developers can do within minutes. Believe it or not, even you can do this so you can imagine how easy it actually is.

Once the API is integrated, when a player wants to log in or create an account the API mechanism will check the data against all the users in the GamStop database. If these two match the account will be banned or the login will be declined. As you can see, API is used to allow the casino to communicate with the database GamStop has, where the player’s data is. All of this is safe and sound. The process is encrypted and there is no way for third parties to obtain access or obtain the data.

There are a few things more we must add here. First of all, an online casino must have a UKGC license in order to use GamStop. There is no way a casino with another license can use the API and GamStop, so the operator must meet specific rules and requirements in order to get a UKGC license.

Back in 2020, the idea was to allow all online casinos in the UK to adopt and implement GamStop as easily as possible. Now, they have to offer GamStop if they have this license. There is no way they can offer GamStop without a license or don’t offer it if they have a UKGC license. As you can see, GamStop is mandatory at all UKGC sites, something that makes sense and makes online gambling in the country so much better.

There are some speculations that GamStop will start working with MGA online casinos. We don’t know if that is true or when it is going to happen. But, we believe that the future development of GamStop and the ability of other operators to use it is mandatory and definitely something that is beneficial and important.

The Final Word

GamStop works with UKGC operators only. In order for the casino to start using GamStop they just have to implement the API of the platform to the casino. And there is no need for other technology that is all. Now, all players who have registered for a GamStop account are unable to gamble at the casino. It is a simple method and one that has been known for efficiency, appeal, and security.


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