A number of websites will incorrectly tell you that the net view command has been deprecated and no longer works in windows. They are wrong. It is not deprecated and it still works. If it’s not working for you you have a networking issue and we can help you with it.

net view not working

The screenshot above is from the most current version of Windows 11. As you can see the Net View command returns System error 6118 before we enabled network browsing, then returned a list of the servers in this case just computers on our home network, after network browsing was enabled.

Microsoft even has an Net View article on the syntax of Net View from 2016.

If you see system error 6118 or you are having other issues browsing the other computers on your network there’s likely easy fixes and we suggest you skimmed through these two short articles to resolve your network housing problems eriod

Windows Computer Browser Service is Disabled or Missing

Cannot See Other Computers On Network


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