How To Promote Your Channel On YouTube

Every year, YouTube gathers more and more viewers, as well as authors who want to share their feedback, ideas, creative crafts, musical and other talents. If you don’t know anything about the service, we recommend reading the information at

People publish videos on YouTube to make themselves known to the world, to capture fascinating life events, and also for the purpose of making money. It can take a long time from the first video to the first payout. Only a well-thought-out channel promotion strategy leads to success.

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If you want to know how to promote videos on youtube for free, then you have come to the right place. In this review, you will find recommendations, regular application of which will take the project to the next level. Simple and systematic actions will open the gates to popularity, attract new subscribers, increase the frequency of feedback in likes and comments. All this is possible with discipline and the posting of interesting, unique and high-quality videos.

Quality Content

You should publish videos on the new channel that are relevant to the topic of your project, cover interesting facts, and have an original presentation. To promote the channel, it is important to have a twist that will attract the audience and arouse interest. It is a bad idea to completely copy the content and manner of an already promoted blogger, and its implementation will not bring anything, except time and financial costs. Figure out what you can do to attract a demanding audience, and make a plan for your videos.

Publication of Videos with Keywords and Concise Descriptions

A small intriguing description of the videos can hook viewers before they even see your work. Brief information about the story that is broadcast in the video will allow the user to appreciate the usefulness of the content if they are looking for some specific content. Mentioning keywords is another way to let the world know the main points of the video. The right keywords can make a video go viral and it will appear in the recommendations of many video hosting clients.

Thoughtful Graphic Design of the Page

A channel on YouTube together with the content should look like a whole project. Stylish avatar design, relevant covers and the presence of previews make a good impression on users interested in your content. You can place a video on the main page of the channel to tell the story of the creative project or convey its message. Proper composition of playlists will increase the time during which users will stay on the channel and view the content.

Buying Ads From More Famous Bloggers

Buying advertising from a famous blogger on YouTube is the most popular advertising campaign to promote a new channel. It is important to find a person whose audience is close to your topic and will definitely appreciate the material.

Appealing to Subscribers for Support

Asking for likes or subscriptions, as well as a reminder of the bell, are not superfluous at all. You can address viewers with your voice, as well as add links to other videos or the main page of the channel at the very end of the video. Proper design of the final splash screens through the creative studio contributes to increasing unique views and the number of subscribers to your blog.

Applying these simple rules shows does promoting youtube videos work. Even newbies, who have never been interested in creating a channel on YouTube video hosting before, will be able to follow the promotion methods described in the table systematically. Creativity, imagination, a lot of time, and readiness for experimentation come in handy during the promotion process. Exactly the same persistence is necessary to popularize any casino. Every gambling establishment is capable of earning the same reputation as Uptown Aces if you put your soul into it and use effective tools.

Promotion of YouTube Channel Through Third-Party Sites

Ten years ago, promoting a channel on a popular video hosting site was much easier. Now there are a lot of competitors on YouTube, so creative ideas and quality content might be in demand for promotion via auxiliary services. The list of the top 5 sites that promote youtube videos is as follows:

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  • Prodvigate
  • Viboom
  • Media Mister
  • Sprizzy
  • Fiverr

The list contains services that deal exclusively with organic promotion. The quality of their services is confirmed by their excellent reputation and positive feedback from users. You should trust the services of organic promotion, but viral tools are not worth it. YouTube algorithms easily detect artificial behavior, so they can block the channel and lower its rating.

Simple Tips for Promoting a Channel

As you have already understood, promoting a YouTube channel requires time, effort and the right strategy. We have tried to collect the main ways to promote a youtube video that you should follow when publishing content of different topics:

  • Use the YouTube API, a tool whose official instructions are published at to share videos on your own site;
  • Allow other bloggers and regular viewers to link to your videos on various resources;
  • Try to tell as many people as possible about your project. Inform about your new channel on forums, in social networks, in comments on thematic portals as well as on TV and radio if you have a budget for such advertising;
  • Indicate all the information that could be useful for the viewers below the video. In the case of product reviews, mention the brand, model and distinctive features in the tags;
  • Open comments so subscribers and guests can leave an opinion on the video or even start a heated discussion on the topic of the video;
  • Communicate with your channel visitors, don’t hesitate to remind them about comments, likes, subscriptions, and the ability to get notified when new work is published;
  • If you have dozens of videos on your site, put them together into playlists by topic. This way, the content will look structured and it will take little time to find it within the channel;
  • Respond to viewers’ comments, accept their praise, and respond to more neutral posts;
  • Hold giveaways and competitions that can attract new subscribers.

Promotion of the channel on the YouTube video hosting can be called a full-fledged job, so when launching a project solely with commercial purposes, it is more profitable to hire a specialist. If you are not in a hurry and are ready to promote your creation at your leisure, all these tips are gathered here for you. Maybe it’s you who can promote your channel to a million subscribers!


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