Nothing beats the comfort of mobile gaming. The ability to relax anywhere and play your favorite game makes it more compelling than other modes of gaming. Of course, PC and consoles have their perks; but, with mobile gaming, you can now get entertainment on the go.

However, even mobile gaming can become tough and especially when there are side hassles that keep bothering you. Just like in PC or console gaming, you can face lags and disruptions with your mobile gaming as well.

But that doesn’t mean you should keep playing your games like that, letting issues ruin your mobile gaming experience. That is what we’re here for. We’re sharing some amazing ways that will help you get rid of pesky issues and improve your mobile gaming experience for the better.

Following these tips, you should be able to enjoy playing games on your mobile irrespective of the game you play or the mobile model you have. So, let’s get started:

1 – Make Sure You Have the Right Internet

First thing first, taking care of the worst enemy of gaming, lags. If you’re a professional gamer or even someone that comes home and plays games to cure their tiredness, then you know having lags is not something you want.


Poor internet connection surely ruins your mobile gaming experience. In most cases, you’re playing games that last minutes in terms of matches. If those minutes are ruined with lags, then your internet is no good at all.

Therefore, it’s important to get an internet connection that offers reliable Wi-Fi connectivity. You can check for various internet providers in your area. For instance, you can look up Xfinity internet availability and it’ll give you the idea of whether Xfinity internet services are available in your region or not.
Just ensure that you’re choosing the right internet plan that accommodates your internet needs and gives the right speed for gaming and doing everything else.

2 – Go DND Mode Whenever Gaming

Even if your internet connection is right, those pesky notifications can still ruin your gaming experience. Yes, some notifications can inform you of something important; however, letting them loose during your gaming is not a good idea.

Therefore, whenever you’re gaming on your mobile, turn on your Do Not Disturb or gaming mode from your mobile’s settings. This will minimize notifications from covering the entire screen. Rather the notifications will just pop up at the side.

In addition, you can change the settings of how you want the notifications displayed too. But, once turned on, notifications won’t be bothering you while you’re gaming. It does have its perks especially when you’re intensely invested or streaming your mobile gameplay.

3 – Minimize Background Apps While Gaming

You might’ve observed that your mobile gets hot or consumes too much battery while gaming. Although some of the rugged phones from brands like Asus have countered this issue by offering more battery timing, still, it’s something that should be addressed.

One of the many reasons why this happens is that you’re running too many background applications while gaming. Even if you’re gaming in DND mode, you still have these applications consuming your mobile’s resources.

Not only this but some applications use your internet as well, creating lags during your gaming session. Moreover, when these applications are running in the background, they consume your mobile’s RAM, leaving little room for your game’s processing.

Therefore, whenever you’re gaming on your mobile, ensure that you’ve closed your background applications. You can’t be downloading something on them since it’ll ruin the internet speed for you. Hence, closing them or at least minimizing the number of background applications should be your focus.

4 – Customized Your Controls

cod vs pubg

Yes, using the default settings from the game is a good idea; however, every gamer has his unique gaming stance. This stance lets a gamer stand out from the rest in terms of how he plays and interacts with the game.

Therefore, while you’re playing, focus on how you interact with the game. For instance, you might be playing PUBG or COD, and notice that you’re quick to reload than jump. But shifting the buttons from their positions can help improve your mobility.

Similarly, you can come across several gameplay stances that you can customize as you deem fit. In addition, if you’re not comfortable using the mobile, you can get a gaming controller with an OTG USB pin.

It’ll allow you to play using a console that’s connected to your mobile. Sounds awesome right? Moreover, the market is filled with mobile gaming accessories that fit on the mobile screen, minimizing the need for an external console.

You can look up some of these accessories and get one for yourself to improve your gaming experience.

5 – Get Gaming Accessories

If you’re spending a good amount of time in front of screens all day, then you’re not alone, and you need protection for your eyes. Irrespective of what mobile phones advertise, get yourself screen protection glasses that will keep your eyes safe from UV exposure.

Next, get support for your wrist and neck so that you can save yourself from the pain of constant gaming in uncomfortable positions. Let’s not forget good earphones, headphones, or earbuds, whatever your preference.

Not many people know but having good sound makes it easier to detect enemy noises or well, enjoy your time gaming. After all, you’re gaming to distract yourself from the outside world. Might as well minimize the noises, even if it’s for an hour or so.

That being said, you need a good mic as well so that you can communicate with your teammates during matches. Finding a good pair of headphones or earbuds will help resolve this issue too. Apart from this, you should have a good mobile charger or power bank.

Using the company-provided chargers is recommended and if you’re gaming on the go, then having a reliable power bank to charge your phone is a must.

Closing Thoughts

Well, there you have it! Keeping these tips handy, you should be able to improve your mobile gaming experience for sure. If you want, you can also check out a range of rugged gaming phones to get an even better gaming experience. So, what are you waiting for? Let the games begin!

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Sains Data · March 25, 2023 at 12:17 am

even mobile gaming can become tough and especially when there are side hassles that keep bothering you

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