In this video, we’re unboxing and installing the Aisurix GTX 1660 Super graphics card. We’ll compare it against other popular graphics cards and see if it’s the best value and good quality out there.

This is a completely unsponsored and unpaid, honest review.

We are reviewing the Nvidia GTX 1660 S specifications and benchmark performance numbers, But we are also answering the question who is Aisurix and does Aisurix make good video card.

For the money the Aisurix GTX1660 Super with Nvidia chip set may be the best cheap gaming video card on the market today:

0:00 Intro
0:14 What Does the S (Super) Mean on NVidia Video Cards
0:25 Is the GTX 1660 Super better than the GTX 1660 Ti?
0:55 Who is Aisurix?
1:20 Does Aisurix Make a Quality Product?
1:38 GTX 750 ti vs GTX 1660S (Super)
2:05 Aisurix GTX 1660 Super Specs
3:00 What is the difference between an Nvidia GTX and RTX
3:45 Unboxing Aisurix GTX 1660 Super
4:05 Aisurix GTX 1660 Super Display Port, HDMI and DVI-D Specs
4:40 Aisurix GTX 1660 Super Installation
5:35 Aisurix GTX 1660 Super Driver Installation
5:49 Nvidia Game Ready Driver vs Studio Driver
5:58 Aisurix GTX 1660 Super Benchmark Testing
6:25 Aisurix GTX 1660 Super Review
7:05 Outro

If you’re looking for the best graphics card for your budget and you’re in the market for a new card, then you need to check out the Aisurix GTX 1660 Super. This card is a great value and it offers good quality performance. Plus, it’s easy to install and it comes with a full 3-year warranty. Make sure to check out this video to see all the details about this graphics card!


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