Video games have grown from a niche pursuit reserved for the nerds among us to arguably the most impressive facet of the world of entertainment. A multi-billion dollar industry in its own right, video games now house storylines better than most novels and graphical capabilities that can put Hollywood to shame. And this popularity around gaming has led to more and more people being able to carve out impressive professional careers in the space through competing in events and against one another online.

‘Esports’ is the term used to describe this blossoming industry, and gamers have shown they will go to great lengths to ensure they have every advantage imaginable when it comes to their performance. Join us here at UrTech as we run you through some of the most important pieces of equipment needed for playing like an Esports pro!


Not every Esport title is played on a PC, with titles like Rocket League and Fifa perhaps being the two biggest examples where console gaming is the way to go. With that being said, Esports is still an industry dominated by the PC master race. One look at any esports betting market at a leading provider such as Unikrn will tell you how much more favoured a player is in a game like Fortnite when they are playing on a PC compared to a console. And whilst games have become more competent at handling larger player bases as the popularity of the industry has increased, the power of one’s hardware goes a long way in determining their performances in the server.

Powerful PCs have been shown to improve accuracy and sharpness, and are often bundled with ways of customising your experiences in a game much more than their console counterparts. On top of that, things like live streaming can be hosted from a powerful PC, which is another great way of getting involved with the world of competitive gaming.


esports hardware and people

It might not be at the top of your list when you first think about top-tier gaming equipment, but a good microphone can be the added 1% needed in titles where communication is vital. We’ve all dropped into the server and been greeted by a teammate with a static-filled microphone. It can be one of the most frustrating experiences, especially when attempting to coordinate strategies. The differences between the top pros and casuals are so often decided in a split second, so being able to communicate clearly is crucial quickly.


Alongside a good microphone, precise and sharp communication relies on a good pair of headphones. Being able to hear all the sounds coming from the server can completely transform how you view a match. Take a game like CS:GO, where the footsteps of the enemy team can not only inform you of their strategy but exactly where they are at any given time. Combined with a bit of in-server knowledge, crisp audio can be a total game-changer.

Gaming Chair

Posture might be another one of those things you don’t consider to be especially important when it comes to gaming but, in short, it is. Without a setup that promotes a good posture, pro and amateur gamers alike are prone to eyestrain and fatigue, both of which are damaging to one’s health as well as their performance. Even for those who have reached the top, the pitfalls of poor posture can become apparent with some of the most common injuries to Esports bros being carpal tunnel syndrome, tendonitis and De Quervain’s tenosynovitis aka. Gamer’s Thumb.

Top tip for you: Alongside a solid gaming chair that promotes better posture, techniques such as balloon breathing and soft tissue hygiene can go a long way in releasing tension in the body, improving concentration and preventing rage quitting.

Gaming Monitor

All monitors are definitely not created equal and if your gaming on a low end consumer grade monitor you’re going to die. Real gamers need real gaming monitors. Most people don’t know that there are monitors designed not just for your PC but also to work on PS5 and Xbox X and S consoles. You should be looking for not just high resolution, large size over 27 inches, with a refresh rate above 120 Hertz, but should also be looking for a response time of about point 1 millisecond and a brightness over 350 nits. Take a look at THIS analysis from GamesRadar for some tested gaming monitors.

Mouse And Keyboard

When talking about the advantages of a good mouse and keyboard for gaming, we can split proceedings into two different camps: the benefits for your performance, and the benefits for your health. The benefits of a good mouse and keyboard for your performance in the server include being able to hotkey specific commands, faster response times to your inputs, and customisable binds that help make functions second nature, all of which are guaranteed to put you ahead of the competition.

On a health front, high-quality products tend to be better designed and far more durable than your run-of-the-mill alternatives. Their sleek designs not only look cool but they are specifically designed to ease wrist tension, allowing you to extend your hands more naturally and reduce the risk of RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury).


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