In the fall of 2022, Microsoft announced a $10 Billion (yes, that a “B” for billion) dollar investment in a company named OpenAI that makes the fabled ChatGPT and they are scrambling to get the most out of that investment, but making integrating it into everything Microsoft makes, including Windows 11.

Speak to Copilot

After you start Windows 11 Copilot, you can click the microphone icon to the right of the text input field to ask it a question using your voice. The coolest part of this feature is that Copilot will speak the answer back to you!

Ask Copilot to Summarize a Web Page

Try this entering summarize

Modify an Existing Question

how to use Windows 11 Copilot ChatGPT for Free

After you have asked Windows 11 copilot a question and received a response, did you know that you can ask it another question based on the response it just made? It’s pretty cool.

For instance if you’re a computer tech and you have asked it to write you a PowerShell script comment it will include all kinds of useful information in that script that you might not care about so you can simply write the word SIMPLIFY and press enter and it will reduce the lines of code in that PowerShell script to just what is needed.

Have Windows 11 Copilot Analyze Pictures

You can click on the four cornered ‘picture’ icon (under the word ASK in ASK ME ANYTHING), upload a picture and then ask it to “analyze this picture“.

Change Windows 11 System Settings

Did you know that Win 11 Copilot isn’t just going out to the internet to find answers and that it is actually integrated into Windows 11 itself. That means you can ask Copilot to make changes to the operating system. Try some of these commands:

  • Start Excel
  • Cast my first screen to my tv
  • Turn on wifi
  • Turn off bluetooth
  • Take a screenshot
  • Set my wallpaper to kittens

Note that Copilot does not usually make the changes directly; it just takes you the settings and allows you to make the changes yourself without having to dig through the Control Panel or Settings app

Change the Version of ChatGPT Copilot is Using

If you click MORE PRECISE, Windows 11 Copilot will most likely use ChatGPT 4 but it you leave it on MORE BALANCED it will likely use ChatGPT 3.

You can use this to your advantage by asking the same question under each of those CONVERSATION STYLES to get notably different responses.

Note that currently there is no way to absolutely verify which version of ChatGPT you are using, but you can try entering the question “what version of ChatGPT are you using right now”.

Use Windows 11 Copilot To Create Images

Try asking Win11 Copilot “create a photo realistic black and white image of Pablo Picaso riding a surfboard on a narly wave in 1921“.

Use Windows 11 Copilot To Create Images of picaso on a surfboard in 1921

Notice that Copilot automatically corrected the spelling of “narly” to “gnarly”

Copilot will create 4 different versions. Just click on the one you like and download it, or you can modify the image by adding more instructions like “now add a second person to the surfboard”

How To Reset and Restart Windows 11 Copilot

You can clear the current thread and start a new question by simply clicking the NEW TOPIC icon (blue text bubble with a plus sign on it), but that does not restart the Copilot app.

If you want to reset Copilot and start it completely fresh, click the three dots at top right and choose REFRESH.

What Cool Things Can I Do With Windows Copilot

Well after reading through this you shouldn’t be surprised to find that you can use copilot to figure out how to use copilot. Try these questions:

  • what cool things can I do with Windows 11 copilot
  • top 20 things I can do with windows 11 copilot

How To Disable Copilot on Windows 11

Copilot is hard integrated into Windows 11, but you can disable Windows Copilot using Group Policy. If you are not on a Domain, you use the Local Group Policy editor:

gpo how to disable windows copoliot
  1. Click the START button and type LOCAL GROUP POLICY, then click on it
  3. Double click on TURN OFF WINDOWS COPILOT
  4. Set the policy to ENABLED

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