By now most people that are paying attention to either Microsoft as a company or technical people know that Microsoft has branded their integration of Chatgpt as Copilot and Are integrating it into everything from Windows, to M365, to Dynamics, to Bing products just as fast as they can.

The question many people have though is how do I use Microsoft Copilot for free. In Windows 11 it’s pretty straightforward:

  1. Download and Install the latest version of Windows 11 and any patches
    • Specifically, you must be running Windows 11 23H2 as a minimum
      • You can easily verify your version of Windows 11, by clicking START, typing WINVER and pressing your ENTER key
    • Copilot is available for free on versions of Windows 11, including Home, Pro, Enterprise, and Education
  2. Press WIN+C to start Windows 11 Copilot, or you can add the Copilot shortcut button to the task bar
    • Click the START button and click the SETTINGS cog icon (or just type SETTINGS)
    • Click PERSONALIZATION (in the left menu)
    • Click TASK BAR
    • Ensure the COPILOT (PREVIEW) slider is set to ON
    • Click the COPILOT icon (to the right of the START button)
    • Type your question into the ASK ME ANYTHING field in the Copilot rail (on the the bottom right)

Click HERE for the best Windows 11 Copilot tips and tricks including a GPO to disable Windows Copilot.


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