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SOLVED: Fix Windows 10 Start Button Problems with START Menu Repair Tool

fix-window-10-start-button-menu-does-nothing-free-toolMicrosoft has acknowledged that Windows 10 sometimes has problems with the START button and developed a free repair tool.   You can download and run this tool directly from Microsoft.

Over the last year our most popular pages have been How to repair the Windows 10 Start Menu when you click it, nothing happens.  We built an initial page with 4 common fixes and the n another page with a much more complex, but nearly always works fix.  If this tool does not work for you, try those two pages and many thousands have had success with them.


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  1. avatar
    Tom Graska04-17-17

    Gives me the message “Required applications are not installed correctly.”

    • avatar
      Ian Matthews04-25-17

      I have not seen that. I would open a CMD PROMPT AS ADMIN and run SFC /SCANNOW to check your system. Let us know if that works. 🙂

    • avatar
      Ian McAllister05-04-17

      I too got the message
      Required applications are not installed correctly. Not fixed Not Fixed

      “Microsoft.Windows.ShellExperienceHost” and “Microsoft.Windows.Cortana” applications need to be installed correctly.

      With typical Microsoft arrogance, they don’t tell me how to install them correctly.

  2. avatar

    This tool does not work.
    Returns error 0x80131018

    • avatar
      Ian Matthews02-15-17

      It has worked for me several times… although I have not seen the problem in several months on any Windows 10 PC so perhaps something has changed.

  3. avatar

    worked for me so glad to have the start menu back after months of trying different solutions about time

  4. avatar
    OH MY GOD THANKS11-29-16


    • avatar
      Ian Matthews12-01-16

      Thanks for the kind words… but I am Canadian! Have a good one.

    • avatar

      You won’t be saying that for very long! Wait till you meet with Allah. How long have you got? Only he knows!!

    • avatar

      Don’t disrespect other people’s religions, allah is just another word to call god by its all the same god , you wouldnt swear at god or jesus now would you?

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  1. Has anyone got the Windows 10 Start Menu working reliably WITHOUT using Classic Shell - Page 301-13-17