SOLVED: Where to Download & How to Use The Office 2013 Adminstration Kit / Office Customization Tool / Admin Kit

The Office 2013 admin kit is no longer a separate tool :

The OCT is part of the Setup program and is the recommended tool for most customizations. The OCT is available only with volume licensed versions of Windows Installer-based Office 2013, Office 2010, and the 2007 Office system. To determine whether an Office 2013 installation is a volume licensed version, check the Office 2013 installation disk to see whether it contains a folder named Admin. If the Admin folder exists, the disk is a volume license edition. If the Admin folder does not exist, the disk is a retail edition. For information about the network installation point, see Customize Setup in Customize Setup before installing Office 2013.

You run the OCT by typing setup.exe /admin at the command line from the root of the network installation point that contains the Office 2013 source files. For example, use the following: \\server\share\Office15\setup.exe /admin. When you run the OCT, you choose to create a new Setup customization (.msp) file or to open an existing .msp file. If you create a new file, the OCT displays a list of the products that are available on the network installation point. You must select a single product that you want to customize.

If you use the OCT to change an existing .msp customization file, we recommend that you select the .msp file for the same product that you customize. For example, if you customize Office Professional Plus 2013, select an Office Professional Plus 2013 customization .msp file.


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