SOLVED: How to Download, Install & Configure Dell OpenManage Enterprise

Dell OpenManage Enterprise: OM Enterprise is the replacement for OpenManage Essentials.  The underlying difference is that OM Enterprise does not use SQL (and OMEss does).  More importantly OMEnt can be downloaded as a VHD which gets rid of all the installation issues.

You can download Dell OpenManage Enterprise VHD HERE.  Note that you may have to register, but there is no cost.

Instructions how to configure the OM Ent VHD are HERE, but it boils down to you can import it into Server 2016 or you can configure a new VM yourself using the downloaded VHD with the following parameters:

  • has to be a GEN1 VM,
  • minimum of 8GB – Dynamic memory can be used
  • minimum 4 CPU’s
  • must be connected to the network

After you start up the VM you will need to:

  1. om-enterprise-set-network-paramSet a complex password
  2. Use the arrow keys down to SET NETWORKING PARAMETERS
  3. Use the TAB key to move into the SET IPv4 settings and click APPLY
  4. On a different PC, surf to the IP address you just set
  5. Sign in using the username “admin” (without the quotes) and whatever password you set in step 1
  6. Click INITIAL SETTINGS and configure your time zone and NTP server like THESE if you want one.
    1. You may be logged out and need to log in again
  7. Click DISCOVER DEVICES and select SERVER and take note that only the iDRAC is supported as of February 2018:”…In OM Essentials, we supported both SNMP and WSMan discovery of an iDRAC.  For Enterprise, we are supporting only WSMan discovery of the iDRAC.

    The different subnet should be ok.  Did you put those in the same discovery task or a separate task?  I wouldn’t think it would matter, but for the purposes of troubleshooting, maybe create a new disc task and enter a known IP from that subnet just to check.  And be sure to use just WSMan default settings…

FAQs are available HERE if you want more information.


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    randhir June 12, 2020 at 8:25 pm

    as i already installed from OVF template in vmware environment, it is successfully done, but for installing VMWARE tools i need to login base OS (centos 7)through command line (ssh) (like putty) hence what credential we used for login in ssh , please confirm the root credential for that, like any default root credential. Thanks in advance

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