SOLVED: VIDEO: How to Easily Set a Password for a Room Resource in Office 365

If you have a Crestron room manager or a Teams / Skype phone system for your boardrooms/conference rooms/huddle rooms, you will need to set a password for your room Resource in Office 365.  The problem is, Office365 Exchange Resource accounts do not have password fields.

Typically the solution you will see on the internet is to run a PowerShell command and while that works it is a giant pain the butt.

The easy way to change a room accounts password is to simply change it in Azure Active Directory.  The problem with that the resource will be required to change the password the next time it signs in. Fortunately, YOU can sign in as the resource.  Just surf to and use the rooms email address as the username and whatever password was set in Azure AD.  Office365 will then prompt you to change it and you are then on your way.



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    Rog March 19, 2020 at 7:51 am

    Thanks. This was super helpful. I used it to setup Crestrons and Cerberus FTP.

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