If you see the Veeam error message Cannot contact the site specified URL. Access to this website has been blocked you should go to your Microsoft 365 sharepoint portal and find out what is wrong.

veeam error Cannot contact site at the specified URL access to the website has been blocked

You can go directly to the Sharepoint portal but we find all of Microsoft 365 portal URLs to be confusing and so we personally always start off at portal.office.com, then click show all (in the left meu) and then click Sharepoint.

in our case we simply decided to delete the offending sharepoint site because it’s almost certainly something that we had built in testing years ago and just don’t care about anymore. In your case you may want to fix the permissions.

How to Delete a Microsoft 365 Sharepoint Site

  1. login to portal.office.com, then click show all (in the left meu) and then click Sharepoint
  2. click ACTIVE SITES from the left menu
  3. click on the site in question
  4. click BULK EDIT link at the top
  5. click DELETE button
  6. click the DELETE button again in the Delete Sites popup
how to delete a sharepoint site in Office 365

Like the screenshot shows, remember you’ve got 90 days to change your mind change your mind and restore those deleted Sharepoint sites so this is not an overly risky maneuver.

If you want more information on Sharepoint or just want to play with it click HERE for our free Sharepoint boot camp video. You don’t even have to register, it’s on youtube.


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