In this short video we explain and demonstrate how to migrate files and folders stored in the user’s OneDrive to a Sharepoint site document library.

0:00 Intro
0:25 How To Move Files/Folders From OneDrive to Sharepoint
1:30 Whats The Difference Between MOVE TO and COPY TO in OneDrive
1:50 What Happens To File OneDrive Permissions Moved To Sharepoint
3:34 How To Create A New Sharepoint Site
4:40 How To Set Permissions in Sharepoint Document Library
5:20 How To Create A New Sharepoint Document Library
6:30 Demonstrate Moving Folders From OneDrive to Sharepoint
7:20 How To Add A Sharepoint Document Library Link To OneDrive
9:00 Outro

You may want to do this when a user leaves your company that has too many critical files and folders stored on their OneDrive for you to quickly integrate into your corporate file server.


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