Google Activates 486 Androids Per Minute

“…That’s 700,000 a day, 21 million a month or 63 million per quarter. What about iOS? Apple won’t likely reveal numbers until January, when announcing holiday quarter results. Don’t expect them to be anywhere near as high, but not trailing way far behind, either. Android activations are lopsided, mostly from […]

Microsoft Pulls Out of Future CES

“…It is a move sure to change the dynamics of the Consumer Electronics Show, and one the tech media may not have expected so soon. Microsoft announced Wednesday that CES 2012 is the last it will maintain a significant presence. After this January? No keynotes, no booth… …The company was […]

So much for Apple, Samsung sells 300M handsets

“…(Samsung) in third quarter, Samsung sold 24 million smartphones — nearly 7 million more than Apple… While American bloggers and journalists obsess about iPhone, across the globe Samsung makes huge strides that eclipse Apple. While best known for Android phones like the S2, Samsung has a three-operating system strategy that […]