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Video: SOLVED: How To Use Negative Search Terms In Outlook

If you want to filter out some results from a search in Outlook, you can use a ‘negative search term’.  It Outlook that negative term is NOT.  It has to be in capital letters.  That is the ‘gotcha’ that most people screw up on if they know about the use of NOT in Outlook. Filtering or […]


SOLVED: How To Filter or Select or Remove Rows in An Excel Table Based on A Cells Contents

If you have an Excel table with a number of ROWS you want to have selected and removed based on the contents of a cell, you can use the SORT & FILTER editor.  It is very easy to use. Simply click on the column you want to evaluate On the HOME tab click  SORT & […]


SOLVED: Video: How to Separate Numbers From Letters In an Excel Text String

UPDATE: Oct 6 2016 – Before you spend a lot of time on creating a formula to separate text from numbers in Excel, watch our two minute video on how to use Excel’s little used but totally awesome FLASH FILL function to do this work for you. UPDATE: Jan 18, 2017 – Ezekiel from New […]


SOLVED: Video: How To Change Outlook Attachments From Linking to SharePoint OneDrive

If you are attaching files from your Office365 Onedrive Sharepoint cloud storage using Outlook 2016 you will find that it provides a lovely drop down showing you your recently edited files.  If you select files from that list and they are stored on OneDrive / SharePoint what it will actually attach is a lLINK to […]


SOLVED: VIDEO: How to Select Copy Paste Only The Visible Cells in Excel

If you want to select copy paste only the visible cells in Excel: In Excel 2007, 2010, 2013 or Excel 2016, select the cells you are interested in On the HOME tab, click SELECT GOTO Click GOTO SPECIAL Click VISIBLE CELLS ONLY Right click on the cells you selected in step 1 and click COPY […]


SOLVED: How to Disable OneNote From Automatically Starting and Putting an Icon in Notification Area

Having OneNote start up by default everytime you sign into Windows is obnoxious.  If you want to get rid of the OneNote icon in system tray / notification area permanently: Launch OneNote Click FILE Click OPTIONS Click DISPLAY uncheck PLACE ONENOTE ICON IN THE NOTIFICATION AREA OF THE TASKBAR Have a nice day   Share […]


SOLVED: How To Fix Error 2503 2502 On Windows 10 When Installing Software

If you are installing (or configuring) software on your Window 7, 8 or 10 PC, you may see ERROR 2503 followed by ERROR 2502: Fortunately there is both a fix and workaround for this problem: HOW TO FIX ERROR 2503 2502: Set the permissions on C:\WINDOWS\TEMP to AUTHENTICATED USERS = FULL CONTROL HOW TO WORK AROUND ERROR […]


20 Dec Posted by in Office: Word, Excel, Outlook..., Other Technologies | Comments Off on Handy Near Free PDF Tools I Need To Get My Job Done!

Handy Near Free PDF Tools I Need To Get My Job Done!

The following are six tools I use regularly to manipulate Adobe Acrobat .PDF’s: Quick PDF Tools – Free – Used to edit PDF document properties one by one.  They say it works on multiple files, but not for me. Batch PDF Pro – $40 and Batch PDF Watermark – Free – The free Watermark/stamp tool […]


SOLVED: Cannot Paste Into OneNote 2016

If you can not PASTE content into OneNote, you are likely in VIEW ONLY mode.  If you have purchased OneNote or you have an Office 365 subscription that includes OneNote, you can confirm this is the problem by: Click the menu bars  (three horizontal lines in the top left corner). Click SETTINGS Click ABOUT confirm […]


SOLVED: How To Export PowerPoint Slides at 300DPI High Resolution

If you need to output your PowerPoint at high resolution you can change the TIFF export quality to 300DPI with a simply Registry modification. How To Set PowerPoint To Export High Res TIFFs: You do NOT need to close PowerPoint before you make this change. Open RegEdit.exe Expand HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Office\<###>\PowerPoint\Options Select EDIT > NEW and click DWORD Value. […]


SOLVED: How to Force Change ACCOUNTS In Office 2013

If you have a user account at the top right of your Office 2013 product and SWITCH ACCOUNT does not work, you can perform a simple registry change to correc the problem: Close all of your Office products (i.e. Word, Excel, Outlook…) Start REGEDIT.EXE Find HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Office\15.0\Common\Identity\Identities Delete any of the entries under the IDENTIIES and […]


SOLVED: How To Remove Links From Excel That No Longer Exist

If, when you open and Excel workbook, you receive an UPDATE LINKS message but the linked source no longer exists, you have a problem.  You SHOULD be able to go to the DATA tab > EDIT LINKS button and choose DELETE LINK on the offender but that often does not work. After working on this […]